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Peaceful Garden Candle Scents, Crystals and Colors
Peaceful Garden Candle Scents, Crystals and Colors

Crystal Infused soy candles. Each 16oz jar is made with paper wicks, essential oils and native inspired accents. Each burns for about 100 hours.

AMBER Ancient resins release their secrets, with amber resin, natural
ABUNDANCE Our traditional oil of manifesting in a great candle, with citrine, green
CLOVE AND CINNAMON Spicy and warming, with citrine, brown
DRAGONS BLOOD Purify and protect, with amber, natural
DIVINE PROTECTION Guardian angels gather round this blend of holy oils, including sage, frankincense and myrrh with angelite, natural
EAGLE IN THE SUN An eagle soars as hot desert sun warms the cactus blooms and perfumes the air, fresh, clean with sunstone, natural
EGYPTIAN GODDESS Neroli and jasmine perfume the night air, with moonstone, natural
FOUR WINDS Honors the medicine wheel and its energies, patchouli, cinnamon, lavender and sandalwood with carnelian, yellows and browns
LAVENDER Sweet clean, calming and fresh, with amethyst, purple
LOVE Hypnotic top notes of rose and jasmine, with rose quartz, pink
NAG CHAMPA Traditional meditation fragrance, with amethyst, purple
PSYCHIC TRAVELER Heady floral of the promotes deep meditation, with obsidian, purple
SAGE CEDAR AND SWEETGRASS Purify and protect, with turquoise, natural
SPIRIT OF THE OCEAN Fresh ocean spray and exotic trade winds, with shells, blue and white
SPIRIT OF THE WOLF A solitary wolf pads through the thick firs and evergreens, with amazonite, green
VANILLA BEAN Sweet and homey, with jasper, white
WALK IN THE WOODS Smell the moss, ferns and leaves while you walk in a deep hardwood forest, with moss agate, green
WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN Grandmother sits before the fire speaking with the ancestors pinon, blue sage with turquoise, natural

Other great fragrances to follow!

Peaceful Garden Candles Scents $18.99 each 16oz Jar
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