Crystal Sage


The oils are meant to be worn just like you would wear any fine perfume. Apply to wrists, sides of neck and throat unless specified. You can also take an aroma bath with the oils. Simply add 6-8 drops to a warm bath right before getting in. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes to relax and soak. The oils can also be added to your own soap, lotion or other crafts. They can be used in oil burners or diffusers also.  They are available in 1 ounce, 1/3 ounce oils and 4 ounce aroma mists.


The four ounce aroma mist can be used anywhere that traditional air fresheners are used. Our mists are created with essential oils, spring water and crystals nothing else. Shake gently before using to mix the blend. You may also spray the mist in the air, close your eyes and walk into it to lightly scent your clothing. You can also lightly spray onto a dryer sheet to freshen your clothes or other items in the dryer.


Our 4 ounce aura butter is 100% natural and is made from a mixture of sweet almond oil, Shea butter, soy, vitamin E and essential oils. It is solid in the jar but liquefies when it comes into contact with warm skin. A pea sized portion is all that is needed to soften dry skin anywhere but your face or sensitive areas. For a massage apply ½ teaspoon into palms, liquefy and massage as usual. In hot weather if the butter gets soft it can be stored in the refrigerator.


The main ingredient in our soap is fresh goat milk. Each 4.5 ounce long lasting bar produces loads of scent and suds and comes in a blue bag with crystals.


Our charcoal incense is dipped using our crystal infused oils. Available in 20 stick packs or a 100 stick tubes with burner and crystals inside.


Our 16 ounce grounding salts are a mixture of sea salt, Epsom salt and our oil blends. The crystals are in a small bag in the bottom of the jar. Add 2-3 scoops to the tub before running bath. This allows the salt to completely dissolve before you get in. Soak for about 20 minutes to draw off excess energy and toxins. You will feel like you just swam in the ocean!


Traditionally used to clear negative energies from home or person.


This ultra-rich cream can be used anywhere dry skin is a problem. Face or body it renews dry, moisture barren skin with our blend of over 24 seed and plant oils in a goat milk lotion base. Can be used after shaving or as a base under makeup for a flawless look all day long. 4 ounce jar.


A little about our- products

All of our blends are made from pure essential oils not fragrance oils. Some companies try to make it seem that a fragrance oil is the same as an essential oil if it has some petals or spices in the bottle. This is not true. Essential oils are from plant origin not chemical and their actions on the body and spirit are not the same! Essential oils are also sold in tamper proof dark colored bottles to protect the oils from contaminants.

Our blends are the result of 20 years of research on essential oils and their actions with each other and the human body and mind, the study of Native American plant remedies and trial and error with family and friends.

The result is formulas that we feel are the best essential oil blends available, but we then took it a step farther! Each bottle of our oil, each bag of our goat's milk soap, each AromaMist spray and our Aura Butter all have anywhere from 2-18 real crystals inside! Fourty-two cleaned and charged crystals were chosen for their reputed effects on the human body and include such crystals as Turquoise, Citrine, Amethyst, and Moonstone.

Each crystal is drilled for stringing when the product is empty, or can be saved in the cobalt blue bag that comes with our fabulous soap.

Although the oils and crystals for these blends are gathered from all over the world, all of our great products are all made in Maryland, USA.

For people looking for natural alternatives Crystal Sage products are the perfect choice.

Ordering Information: 800-845-0302

The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth;
And he that is wise will not abhor them.